Admission Calendar

Freshman Year Planning

  • Take the basic courses including: Foreign Language, Geometry and science class, required for high school graduation and college admission.
  • Do you like extracurricular activities? Think in some of them to participate while youíre in high school
  • If you have no work experience, this time can be crucial, try to look for some job and impress your instructors, probably you will need a letter of recommendation of some of them in your senior year.
  • Take note of the important activities you make or big goals you get, this notes can be used when trying to make your Resume.
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Sophomore Year Planning

  • Update your student resume with last activities.
  • Discuss with your counselor and parents about the major youíre thinking of.
  • Continue working in summer.
  • Consider working hard on your job summer to ask for recommendation letters to your boss.
  • Visit some colleges campuses is a good idea
  • Think about the cost of the college youíre planning to go, analyze if your family can afford it.
  • If youíre good at sports begin to increase your athletic abilities.
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Junior Year Planning

  • Update your Student Resume with freshmen and sophomore activities
  • Continue working this summer and doing your best at work
  • Contact people and visit the campus of some colleges
  • Continue working to increase your skills, linguistics and critical thinking
  • Start saving money for college
  • Junior year grades are the most important, so make an effort and earn excellent grades this year, college admission officers will review how was your level in Junior year.
  • Other important factor for college admission officers is the difficulty of coursework, this can be the decisive point between accepting you or not into the admission process.
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Senior Year Planning

  • Demonstrate your skills to teachers, and think in people you can ask for recommendation letters, they must be excellent letters.
  • Take some tests necessaries to help you know how the level of knowledge you have and be prepared for college admission process.
  • Update your Student resume with last activities youíve made.
  • Continue taking advantage of your time and keep looking for some activities during the summer, or a temporal job or volunteer job, or take some classes.
  • If you assist to any Community College class try to get good califications, college admission officers will take this into account.
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