Graduate Admission Essay

Writing an Admission Essay is a difficult task, you have to think very well on what to write about, what references include, which parts are most important, and how you can show all your skills and abilities in the document.

Some feelings you must avoid when writing your essay:

Tips to take on count when writing your essay:

  • After deciding the subject you are going to write about, search for some feedback on the content from you counselor.
  • Be positive
  • List your skills
  • Use a good grammar and positive language
  • Be concise and clear, itís not necessary to use difficult words, if you can use ďuseĒ instead of ďutilizeĒ, then use it.
  • Make short paragraphs, only one idea for each paragraph
  • Spell check
  • After finishing the essay ask two persons to read it, this way you will know if the main idea was caught.
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Focus in the writing of your resume, this can be the only difference between you and the rest of applicants.

How to organize your Admission Essay

Itís not enough to show your ideas, but also how you organize them. The Essay is not only for detailing your skills and experiences, it will be read by the College Admission officers and you must show them you can think and write clearly, you can structure your Essay in an excellent way that everybody can understand what you are trying to say.

You can structure your Essay as you desire, here we give you one example:

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