Admission Interviews

Interviews are optional in some Colleges but it is recommended that you do it, College Admission officers want to know the student in a more personal way, they probably will ask you about your grades, your extracurricular activities or if you have some work experience, what are your goals and achievements, all this only to know more about you, donít be afraid just relax, itís important to be secure in the answers you give, and to give good answers.

Here are some tips you should take on count before doing an Admission interview:
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  • Practice your answers in front of a mirror, so you would know how you are looking when giving an answer.
  • Do an interview with some friend or family just to know if you look self confident and if you are speaking in a proper way.
  • If you are going to have many interviews donít make two interviews the same day, you will get stressed and probably wonít give a good impression to your interviewers.
  • If you never had an interview do the most important at the end, so you can practice before with the first interviews and can be more prepared when the important one comes.
  • If you had interviews with employers or someone else before, then you know how to behave in an interview.
  • If you donít know how to answer a question, just take your time to think about it, interviewers will notice you prefer to wait a little to give a good answer than give any meaningless answer.
  • Dress according to the occasion.
  • Be polite.
  • You can make some questions too, this will show that youíre interested in going to that College, so do your homework and investigate about the course and the College, and then think some intelligent questions.
  • Arrive to the interview some minutes before, 15 minutes are ok.
  • If an uncomfortable question has been asked just relax and donít take it personal.
Some questions that can be made in an Admission interview:

  • What courses were difficult for you? Do you have a favorite course?
  • Did you make some extracurricular activities? Volunteer work or Internship?
  • Why did you choose to study this career and why?
  • What do you want to major in? and why?
  • Tell me about you and your family.
  • What do you consider are your most important skills?
  • Describe any project that you feel proud to have participated.
  • Why should we accept you and no someone else?
Some questions you can ask in an Admission interview:

  • What is the percentage of alumni that got a job and where are they working?
  • What criteria are used to choose roommates?
  • What criteria are used to give financial aid?
  • Is there any scholarship available?
  • Before graduation, should I present an article or a paper?
  • Work experience is an important factor to accept applicants?

Interview Questions

Here is a list of questions used in an admission interview, if you want to be prepared and more self assured in the interview you should take a look at them.

College Interview tips

If you don't know anyone who had an admission interview, here you can find some useful tips to make your interview less intimidating.

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