How to choose a University?

If you are planning to go to a University you have to make the right decision, because you are going to be there the next three or four years, so, while you more know about a university it will be better for you.

For many people, going to a University means to go out of the familyís house, to win independence, but itís not so great like it sounds, you will have more responsibilities than you used to have, more things to do besides studying, itís necessary to have a mature behavior to lead you in the right way, and to be highly organized to complete your career.

Large and Small Universities

One of the big matters is the size of the University, many students ask themselves to go to a Large University or to a small College.

Large University:

  • Athletic programs, if you love sports this is the right option, there are televised games and a lot of sports programs to do.
  • Libraries and laboratories with good equipment, there are plenty of space to study inside a large University.
  • Dining halls, with all kind of food inside the campus, fresh meat and good meals.
  • Social programs, clubs, fraternities, and other kind of stuff.
  • Housing is also a good advantage, especially for those who live away.
  • The more recognized Universities are the large ones, and the prestige of a university is always important in your resume.

Many students in a class

Small University:

  • Smaller classes with fewer students.
  • You will have the opportunity to get to know your professor better.
  • If you would like to have some recommendation letter itís more probably you receive one in a small university.
  • Students know the advisors very well, the relationship is more familiar, you will have a face with a name and not just an ID number.
  • If you want to be a leader in any aspect you will have less competition than in a large University.

Students in a class

Public and Private Universities

The main difference between a Public or private University is the cost of tuition, in some Public universities it can be nine times cheaper than in a Private University.

Public University:

  • The cost, itís cheaper than Private Universities.
  • Public Universities are easier to get into, but the curriculum sometimes may be more difficult than in Private Universities.
  • Generally, Public Universities are larger than Private Universities, some students may feel more comfortable attending to a large University and enjoy all the facilities inside the campus.
  • There are more options if you decide to study in a Public University, you can choose any University around the country, in any city or region, depending on the area, climate, population that better fits for you.
  • The prestige of a Public University is not always as good as a Private University.
  • The relationship between teachers and students can be almost none in a Public University.

Private University:

  • The Prestige is a good factor that makes Private Universities the best option.
  • Smaller classes and more personalized education.
  • There are special programs developed to help teachers and students get in touch in a better way.
  • There are more social activities for students to interact and create a community.
  • One of the main problems when trying to attend to a Private University is the admission process, generally Private Universities only accept a small part of all the applicants.
  • Although there are many financial aid packages for students with good scores, to attend to a private University can be very difficult for students with low-income.

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