Scholarship Interviews

If you've reached this stage, it means you are a finalist and that judges have considered you as a good candidate. Now that you're here, the best you can do is breathe deeply, feel sure of yourself and follow forward.

It's time to see the judges face to face, they want to see how you assist to the interview, how you get on, what kind of answers you give, how are your reactions under pressure, they want to know you a little longer to see what other surprises brings that human being which until now was only a set of papers and applications.
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The interview is the most difficult part for some people, but stay calm, some other do well with interviews and face to face relations.

It's very difficult to know in advance what type of questions will the judges make you during the interview, but it is better to be prepared, some of the most common questions are:

Review these questions and keep in mind some possible answers for reference when you do the interview.

Besides all this there are some factors that you would review:

  • Practice; Ask a friend or relative to help you simulate an interview, you will give the answer to the questions. The idea is that you become familiar with the process, so that when you are in the interview your nerves diminish.

  • Punctuality; To be late for an interview is definitely an important point against you. Punctuality shows the judges your sense of responsibility. So, to be on time, consider the distance of the place of the interview, and how many minutes you will need to arrive early, also take into account the time and traffic.

  • Dressing; Depending on the organization and place of interview , consider your dress, if it is a very elegant place you can go in a suit and tie, if held in a little more casual then you can go less elegant, but yes, always check your clothing, must be completely clean and well presented.
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  • Decision; Demonstrate you are a mature and confident person, when giving your answers show you self assured and comfortable with the interview. If they ask you a question you do not know or if your mind goes blank, simply ask for some time to think about the question, judges do not want to see if your answer is correct, they want to see how you resolve a situation under pressure, they know that passing an interview is not easy.

  • Relevancy; Show that you are a worthwhile person, let the judges know how you will care and appreciate the scholarship you maybe will receive, tell them that your goal is to succeed based on your effort and with the help of the scholarship.

  • Confidence; Be positive in your responses and comments, and show them that you like to do things right and you're a quiet person with many goals.

  • Respect; Show respect, since you enter the interview until you say goodbye to the judges. Be smart, do not chew gum or carry something in your mouth, be careful with your appearance, when saying good bye do it by shaking hands. If you can, when you get at home send an email to thank the judges for their time and consideration.

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