Recommendation Letters

A letter of recommendation is helpful when applying for a scholarship. If you have letters of recommendation that are really worth then you will have more opportunities to get the scholarship. Find people who really know you, people who can speak about some quality of you or some skill that makes you special. Also look for someone who has good writing skills, someone who knows how to express his/her ideas clearly, otherwise will not be of much help for you. Graduated girls celebrating

You can begin to request letters of recommendations to any teacher you know since you started high school, one of the teachers you had more contact in your years of study, and especially someone that has a good impression of you, so he/she can put good things about you in the letter.

Also contact with teachers, professors or employers who are able to express their ideas clearly, it is difficult to know for sure how a person writes, but his/her manner of speaking, to express themselves and safety can give you an idea of how he/she writes.

If you did any extracurricular activities, if you belonged to any sports club or if you had some part-time job, you've probably met people who are worth, and if you've done well and have given all the best of you in the things you've done, you will easily find people willing to speak well of you, and want to put their name to their testimony about you.

Once you've decided which scholarship to apply, review about what letters of recommendation will focus on. For example there are some organizations that request two letters of recommendation, there are others which request a letter of recommendation on a specific topic, and some others only request a general letter of recommendation.

If the organization that awards the scholarship to which you will apply for, asks for two letters of recommendation, one can be from a college professor and can focus on virtues such as responsibility, leadership, integrity, personality and work habits. And the other one can be from a member of the community and can focus on values such as integrity, fellowship, leadership, generosity and any other remarkable virtue. Graduation cap over a book

Sometimes you can use the same letter of recommendation to apply for two different scholarships, be sure that such letters are related and consistent with what the organization that awards the scholarship is seeking. Be very careful to send the same letter to several organizations, do not waste opportunities in vain, always check whether the letter fits the requirements sought in an application.

By asking someone to give a letter of recommendation you are also asking that person to give you a little of his/her time, so be as polite as possible when requesting a letter of recommendation from someone, that person may have already received this request from other students.

To make it easier give that person relevant data such as: all the information required to write this letter of recommendation, give a complete list of extracurricular activities you've done, give him/her some essay you have written in years of previous study, so that by reading this information, he/she know a little more about you and will know what you've been spending your free time.

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