Types of Scholarships

Which is explained below are the types of scholarships available, so you have a clearer idea of which scholarship can help you more on your studies.

College-Specific Awards

Most schools have a scholarship program for students. This program is based on some features, the scholarships are given to students with some type of quality either athletic or academic.

Athletic Scholarships

Many athletes are hoping to get a sports scholarship, and in fact they can get one, but the process is not simple. There is much competition in this type of scholarship because there are many athletes, is difficult but not impossible. If you are an athlete looking for an athletic scholarship the first thing you can do is go to the website of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and read everything there.

According to the NCAA, each organization is responsible for delivering the grants, it's not the responsibility of the NCAA. Each year is given approximately $1 billion dollars on this type of grant, and more than 126 000 student-athletes have benefited, covering all or part of their studies.
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Academic Scholarships

This type of scholarship is also based on merit, this time it is the student academic performance. If you think you can get one of these scholarships, contact the financial aid office, you may no longer need to compete for the scholarship if your grades are good or the best.

Departmental Scholarships

Some departments offer scholarships to support their students and for new students attending the course.

Private Organizations

Within this category there are many organizations that can take into account, these organizations offer scholarships for up to 20 000 dollars.


The companies offer scholarships to help children of their employees, or for students that live near the business. Usually this type of grants is available for lack of applicants. So you can take this advantage and ask your parents or a family member if the company where they work give some sort of scholarship. Find out if in the area you live there is some organization that is willing to help you and invest in your education. Probably get one of these scholarships, because there is less competition.

Religious Organizations

If you and your family are affiliated to some spiritual group then you have another possibility to get a scholarship. Religious organizations and churches sometimes offer scholarship for students, the money invested is not so much as in other organizations but will help

Other Private Organizations

And there are other scholarships given by Unions, High Schools, Chamber of Commerce and many others. You can use the internet to search for pages that give you reliable information about other scholarships, remember to search for information on those pages that do not request payment for their services.

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