US University courses

There are many reasons of why you should choose a US university, maybe the most important is the fact that US education system is the most qualified and you surely will have the best preparation for your professional life. Thousands of students all around the world decide to study in US, leaving behind home, family and friends, searching for a big future.

Education system in US let students obtain a Bachelor Degree with four to five years of full-time studies, and the most important Degrees are: bachelor of science degree and bachelor of arts degree. Associate degree is obtained after two years of full-time studies and the main degrees are: associate of arts degree, associate of applied science degree and the associate of science degree.

The Master Degree is for people that want to improve their education to be better prepared, this kind of degree allows professionals to obtain a well paid job position.

US University Courses by State

University Courses in United States
Here is a complete list of all US Universities available for you.

Most Top world University rankings include only US universities and US colleges as Yale University, Harvard University or UCLA. US universities offer a variety of scholarships and social services for all those foreign students that want to build a career in the most important US universities.

Top US Universities


US University


1 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
2 Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusets
3 Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusets
5 Stanford University Stanford, California
6 Columbia University New York, New York
7 Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire
8 California Institute of Technology Pasadena, California
9 Duke University Durham, North Carolina
10 Cornell University Ithaca - New York
11 Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee

University of Chicago

Chicago - Illinois
13 Brown University Providence, Rhode Island
14 University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina
15 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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