Aims Community College is one of the largest and most comprehensive two-year colleges in Colorado. Since 1967 Aims has established four campuses, constructed 18 buildings, expanded curriculum to 2,000 day, evening and weekend courses and taught more than 300,000 students.

Today, Aims ranks among the most respected community colleges in the nation.

Although the average Aims student is 33 years old, there is nothing typical about our student body.

The communities we serve are a rich blend of diversity. So is our student body. Aims teaches recent high school graduates and senior corporate officials. It even helps first-graders learn how to draw in the summer College for Kids program.

Instructors are consistently rated as Aim’s best feature. Their ability to explain subject material in a simple but thorough manner allows students to increase their comprehension levels, resulting in higher grades.

Another Aims feature is its high-tech equipment. Even Bill Gates of Microsoft was impressed. He says, “Schools like Aims Community College are real leaders.”

Relevant Education and Training
The majority of the 14,000 credit and non-credit students who annually attend Aims are pursuing one of four educational goals:

* College Transfer. Students Save 50 percent on tuition by attending Aims for their first two years. Plus, core curriculum credits are guaranteed to transfer in state.

* Direct Job Entry. Individuals learn relevant work skills in nine to 18 months, allowing them to enter the job market prepared for a new occupation

* Career Advancement. Thousands of workers give their careers a nudge and a boost by upgrading their performance abilities and work efficiency.

* Love of Learning. Curiosity doesn’t slow down with age. That’s why our classrooms are a rich blend of students of all ages.