How to write a good essay?
Make a good essay can be what makes the difference between you and the other applicants. This document will be your presentation in the eyes of the organization to which you are postulating. It’s not easy to make a good essay, but the important thing is to focus and do your best.

Here are some tips that can serve you much:
The most difficult part of writing an essay is how to get started. Before writing take on count two things:
Analyze the topic of the essay or the question, see if it’s better to add a structure into your essay to have it ordered. Review if the question is about any particular subject which you have to investigate first, or if it’s completely about you and your ideas.
Analyze the organization that gives the scholarship, who found it and why is the reason they give money to students.
Add some goals to the essay, for example, you should be writing your essay to demostrate you have all the skills to obtain that scholarship. Use positive expressions and optimistic phrases to describe your activities and thoughts. Or you can describe how much have your family helped and supported you.

Write about some theme, the goal of an essay is to capture the attention of those who will read. If the idea is not understood, you can change the goal and begin again.

Once you have the central idea concentrate on structuring, think about how to write the facts, the order of paragraphs, put the most important ideas in the first paragraphs. Organize your ideas and arguments, finally add your conclusions.

If you want, put examples to those who read the essay to better understand what you want to display. If the essay is about your qualities put some examples on what you consider your best qualities are and how they served and helped you in the work you’ve done or in any other educational experience.

Re-write your essay. When you have finished writing your essay, read it again, surely you will find some ideas that could well help you get the much desired scholarship. When you have identified, rewrite the essay emphasizing these ideas, showing them as more valuable and write in a way that makes you look like a good candidate to receive the scholarship.

Be careful, emphasize not mean to overstate, think well about what you are writing, if you are telling something about your experiences, do not write something little credible. Any attempt to exaggerate things can damage your image.

It is better to use the present tense, it allows people to live with you what you are writing in your essay. Replace adjectives and adverbs by a more descriptive noun or verb, for example: replace “she was a model” for “she was a very beautiful girl”.

Just as important to make the introduction of the essay interesting, it is also necessary to add compelling conclusions.