When you want to develop your career and have a long list of options, selecting one would be a nearly impossible task. Studying business will take you up on the course of filling your life with better skills to tackle the challenges in building an establishment. Prospective students must decide on the program before they start planning a business. Higher education statistics show that most graduates take up careers that help them grow as a professional in the industry of trading. Hundreds of universities are offering business-related courses, aiding the students in their propulsion to success. If you have been thinking of pursuing a career in business, here are some of the best universities you can opt for. Remember you can always start a new business like the owners at Personalizedwoodensigns.com did.

1.      Stanford University

Not one soul might be oblivious to the existence of Stanford University since it is one of the best in the world. Students from all parts of the world try their best to be enrolled in the college for various courses. When considering business degrees, Stanford University is again on the top, offering every student an opportunity to explore the world beyond the books. Courses like PhD, MBA, executive, and master’s degrees are being offered in the university. Jonathan Levin, the dean of the school, is a renowned expert in industrial organization, and he leads the whole university to greater achievements. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, contributed to the welfare of the university in 2006 by paying an endowment of $105 million. The most selective business school in the US is Stanford; not more than 7% of the applicants secure a seat in the class. Undergraduates have no specific business and management program, but they can major in international relations, engineering, or economics.

2.      Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is another university every adult might have heard of at some point in time of their life. MIT Sloan is the School of Management, which offers business programs such as MBA courses, postgraduate degrees, and executive training programs. The school also teaches undergraduates certain courses that provide students with skills to equip themselves with technical expertise. Real-world business cases are incorporated in the course to tackle the problem at hand, helping the students understand the common issues with businesses. A variety of topics are covered at MIT, and they include consulting, operations research, finance, entrepreneurship, product development, marketing, and information technology. Innovative and influential ideas like the system dynamics were creations of students of Sloan School.

3.      University of Cambridge

You can get started with your favourite course in any of the 29 colleges in this university. More than 100 libraries with 15 million books provide students with the right avenue to study more about business. The Cambridge Judge Business School teaches students pursuing business and economic degrees. Cambridge University’s courses include the MBA, master of accounting, master of finance, and MPhil programs.

If none of these interest you or isn’t affordable, you can also opt for Oxford University or Harvard University.